Sex, Lies & Reality

Sex, Lies and Reality is a radio show out of Oklahoma City! 

I'm Robbie Cabeza, and I want to thank my co-host Buster Parker, we're ordained Christian ministers, and we've been a great team...well, he's been called to bigger and better let's welcome my new co-host - Dr Surf McGillicutty!

SLR is not only a fun and infomative radio show, we're a ministry...we believe Jesus Christ came to save and change us all, not just those "acceptable" to society - in fact, He was severely criticized for accepting, spending time with, ministering to, and changing those whom society deemed as outcast, incorrigible, people with no hope.  As He did, we're going to tell the truth - that people need to be treated like human beings, and offered a true opportunity to apologies for that...and to talk about what is really beneficial to our communities.  We are all about the love and mercy of God extended to the whole world...and more specifically to victims, offenders, and their families.