New Religion? - Anno Domini

May 24, 2017

Society has a new religion, I think.  It is the exaltation of self, and the marginalization of others who aren't like us.  It's not really a new religion, really - this way of living has been around since Genesis.  It's the ugly manifestation of sin and perpatuated on those who are different than us.  Well, I can tell you, our Lord Jesus was not like that.  His rag-tag bunch included a prostitute (a sex offender, yes), thieves, tax collectors, and terrorists.  These are people who would male any of us uncomfortable.  Any person was welcomed and loved unconditionally.  And these outcasts shared Christ with the world, and changed the known world at that time.  Jesus loved and does love and welcome everyone - including sex offenders.  He calls us to end the marginalization of others who aren't like you and me, and welcome them in the Name of Christ.  This includes how they are treated in prison and after.

Submit Our Minds - Anno Domini
October 14, 2015

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 14 that our minds belong to God, and that we are to allow Him to renew them. 
What does this mean?  It means that every thing we think about must be filtered through the Holy Scriptures, the Bible.
That book is inspired by God, the word "inspired" meaning "God-breathed."  The Scriptures are the standard for all of life and thought.
When God speaks in them, He doesn't stutter.  He doesn't speak out of both sides of His mouth - what he says in those pages, he means.
The instructions for a fair, just, and good society are in there.  We ignore them to our own peril.  It is common practice
for people to think that the Bible is subordinate to their own opinions.  Amazing - our thoughts are better than the infinite

I don't think so.  He made all things, He made us, and He knows best how we function and how the universe functions.  All
opinions are null when they are held up to His.  If He is God, and He is, we ignore what He has said to His own peril.  We are
to function and behave as He dictates.  In practical terms, that means our judicial system is to conform to Scripture.  It also means
that how we deal with ex-felons must be how He would deal with them.  How would that be?  First of all, a fair punishment for the crime.
Second, when they have completed their sentences, true forgiveness and a true and real opportunity to re-integrate into society.
Many of us don't believe in that, or simply don't care.  To turn a blind eye to this glaring problem is to invite chaos into
our communities, to invite a lack of stability.  To not give them a fair chance to re-integrate is to be a part of the cause of them
re-offending.  Yes, that's right - you read correctly.  There is a principle in Scripture of us being held accountable when we
refuse to help another person.  They MUST be given the opportunity to re-integrate, and not to have ex-post facto law
continually dumped on them for the rest of their lives - further escalating the chances of re-offense, including the chances of re-offending
with our children, businesses, and families.

Is this what we want?  If not, then we must conform our minds to Scripture, and so order society.

What We Want - Anno Domini

November 4, 2015

God made us with a hole in our souls that can only be filled by Him.  We attempt to make all manner of things fill up the hole...but they ultimately don't work, and leave us empty and wanting even more.  In fact, built into that God-shaped vacuum is a need for us to be ruled by a good God (Him), and for His law to be in our hearts.  We substitute His rule for the rule of men, and society, and in so doing bring ruin upon society.   When we substitute fallen man's ideas and law for God's, we think we are bringing to ourselves freedom...yet we really are in bondage.  When we substitute our idea and law for God's, we give up our true freedom (which comes from Him), bring ruin upon our communities, and ultimately lose the freedom we are made to enjoy to the whims of a few elite evil men and women who want to subjugate the world to their own twisted ends.  This is where we are.  Sad, isn't it?  It's not too late to change it.

Change or Else - Anno Domini

August 31, 2016

Got some computer training yesterday.  And I actually enjoyed it. For the most part, anyway. I've worked in radio for nearly 30 years.  And really, radio isn't what it was.  Radio used to be someone sitting at a console, with an open (live, on) microphone, entertaining and informing.  That was the center (and still should be) of what radio is...and now the center has shifted, imho, to computers and sales.  Corporations have ruined radio - for those of us who do it, and for those of you who listen.

Some of us are attempting to educate, to show people that the control room is the heart of a radio station, not a sales office, much less a CEO's office.  One thing, however, that isn't going to change - for all of us - is the role of computers in what we do.  They are here to stay.  And in my training, I have been told that we must learn how to use them, or else we can't work in the radio industry.  And, really, in many of our industries, these days, truth be told.

OK.  I can deal.  But I will tell you - computers don't replace gifts and talent.  They aren't creative - that comes from within us, from what God placed in us.  But, OK - so I, and you, have to deal with computers whilst we continue to be creative.  Sigh.  But they will never be, to me, the focus, or the center, as some have tried very hard to make them to be.

So we must learn to use them.  We must change.  We must live in the present, we must live in the now.  Question: why can we not live in the present regarding ex-felons?  Why must we force them to live in their past?  And that's what we do - we define them by their offense, and we punish them for a lifetime because of their offense, especially sex offenders. 

This is inhumane.  It must stop.

Real Hope - Anno Domini 6/10/15

Yes, there's a lotta rant here....a lotta crazy stuff going on in this world....we're always trying to bring a sane voice to the world, a view of the world that is both informed and thoughtful.  We also want to bring a voice of HOPE.  Whether you are an offender, victim, or a curious listener/reader = we are here to offer information and real hope.

The bottom line here is that the real hope is in Christ.  Are you a believer in Him?  Have you received Him into our life?  He made the world, and His way of seeing the world is the only one that makes sense.  And He has done all (His death and resurrection) to bring real life to all of us.

1 Peter 5:10 (ESV) says, "And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you."

We all make bad decisions, and we deal with the aftermath of bad decisions.  Some of those are really bad choices.  But is that the end?  Do those who make bad decisions have to remain in the aftermath of those decisions?  Do those bad decisions define them? 

No.  For those of us who are christians, God makes it for our good (Romans 8:28).  He is always at work in our lives to make us the people He wants us to be...and this is a's called sanctification, a theological term that simply means we're becoming more like Christ. God does the work in us, and we cooperate with Him in that work: we submit to Him, know and do what His Word (the Bible) says, and make it a habit to be around other christians who look at life the same way. As we grow in our faith and in our life with Christ, He will begin to give us all that He has for us, and continue to bring us to the place He has for us in our life.  So whether we are the one who made the bad decision, or those who are the victim of that bad decision, we never have to stay in that place.

We never have to stay where we were....we can move forward. And God intends for us to move forward, to all the good He has planned for us.

This is the REAL HOPE we have.  It's Christ.

It's Very Cold Outside, and I Don't Mean the Temperature - Anno Domini, April 29, 2015

It's Spring...and it's getting cold out.  Yup.  It's still cool overnights and in the mornings in the center of the country, but I'm not referring to temperature.  I'm referring to the climate in law buildings around this country.  We talk often 0n this blog, and on our show, if legislators and other public officials writing and carrying out idiotic policy toward sex offenders (and their families).  "But wait - there's more! "  as the tv commercials say.  Lawmakers (and judges who want to legislate from the bench) are persecuting those who cannot, in good conscience, cater a gay wedding, make floral arrangements for a gay wedding, and, in a least one instance in a town in Idaho....attempt to force Christian ministers to officiate gay weddings.  The point of this blog is not to argue for against gay marriage - the point is to bring to your attention just how much freedom is being eroded in our country.  No one should ever be forced to violate their conscience...this is what our forefathers came over from Europe to escape.  They wanted to exercise their God-given freedom to practice their religion (or lack of) in peace, without fear of repercussions from gov't.  That's what began our country - and is summed up in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Yet, there are some judges and legislators out there who want to take those God -given freedoms away - and force citizens of this country to do things that violate their religious beliefs and their consciences.  And that, my friends, is wrong.  It is against God, it is against nature, it is against reason, and it is against the rule of law...and these public officials simply don't care.  They didn't care when they enacted ex-post facto law against so's (double jeopardy, adding a penalty for a crime what has already been meted out by a court - which is flatly unconstistutional)...and they don't care now.  They brazenly biolate our nation's supreme document to do whatever the heck they want...and we the people just stand by and watch hem do it. Sometimes we aren't aware of it - and that's only excusable to a point.  If we are not vigilant in our duty to watch and hold these people accountable, and remove them from office when they violate the Constitution and take away our rights, we will continue to watch those rights slowly erode, and eventually be gone.  They will have our businesses, our bank accoints, and a majority of us locked up on bogus charges.  Regarding the gay marriage issu - when district court judges began overturning law passed by stated (the wish of the people), and stating that states HAVE to recognize gay marriage - I predicted first that businesses, and Christian business people who would find it to be against their beliefs and violate their consciences -  would begin to ne forced to participate in gay weddings (by catering, designing floral arrangements, and renting their venues) - and judges then fining these people out of business, then losing their savings and homes.  Everyone said to me, no, that won't happen.  I then predicted judges would begin to attempt to force pastors to officiate gay weddings.  Everyone said no, that will never happen.  It has begin.  In Idaho - the new law says clergy will officiate gay weddings or be prosecuted.  This week, the Supreme Court of this land heard oral arguments concerning same-sex arriage - the goal is to force all states to recognize gay marriage.  If the Court caves next month, what's to stop the federal gov't from withholding federal funds to those states who refuse to do so?  How many states will cave?  All of them.  Then will it become law everywhere that all clergy must officiate gay weddings?  Don't say no way that will happen.  Everything else that has been predicted (not just by me, but by others) has come to pass...while all of just sat here wringing our hands and doing nothing.  After they come after the clergy - first in fines then on confinement - you're next.  We have come now to the hour when we must stand, and stand firm.  Like I said earlier - it's not about gay marriage - it's about God-given rights spelled out on our Constitution, which are rampantly being trampled upon, right udner our very noses.  There are some things done in secret, but these things I'm writing about are all out in the open.  These public officials don't care that they are violating the Constitution to take away our rights.  As long as we stand by and do nothing is as long as it will go on...and one day we will all lose everything we have and sit in a jail cell.  If that's ok with you, fine - but it's not ok with me and the majority of the citizens of this country.  It's time to stand up, folks - not just for the right of a few, but for the constitutional rights of ALL!  Fight, or sit - and wait for them to come for you.

Anno Domini Do the Same 4/1/15 It's Holy Week again - the week before Easter, when we remember our Lord's passion (suffering) for us.  And we all get very thankful this time of the year, when we remember the great suffering He endured for us - so we could be forgiven and have a new life in Him, and a relationship with Him.  That's an awesome thing, what He did, and what He does for us - gives us of Himself, of His very life.  And about this time of the year, some of us get all nostalgic about when we first came to know Him, when we first asked Him into our lives...and that feeling extends to wanting others to have that, too.  And that's good.  Our churches swell Easter Sunday - people think about Him dying, and have more "God thoughts" than usual, and they go to church, maybe the only time that year that they go - and some of them receive Christ, or come back to Him.  And that's an awesome thing.  It really of the most awesome things in the world.  And those of us who believe want that for the whole world.

Except for sex offenders.

Truth be told, we hate sex offenders (so's, hereon).  We hate them more than any other people.  Every age of the history of the world has a group of pope we love to hate (much of it for sexual reasons), and it changes over time...the ancient Greeks liked much of what we despise, for instance...those in the NE in the early days of our country humiliated adulterers by making them wear a large letter "A" much for the love and mercy of Jesus.  The "sinful woman" in the pharisees' house who anointed Jesus' feet was much despised and hated - no forgiveness of God for her, no way.  Blacks and Asians were persecuted in the earlier part of the last century, for another example..and that wasn't even about behavior, but for they were born.  We love to hate people.  Right about now you may be getting angry with me...we don't like to hear this.  We like to justify and massage our guilt by convincing ourselves that we've done ok, we aren't as bad as some.

No, we haven't.  Yes, we are.

We love to hate so's.  They are the pariah of our day, those who should be persecuted, endure a punitive judgement, sentenced to an agonizing death...or at least be made to suffer greatly before they die.  And we'd like to contribute to that, even if we can just say, "I voted for the guy who made that happen."  That's really good.  That's really showing the love and mercy of Jesus.  That's bringing Him to them.  How commendable.  How much will He praise us at the judgement, and say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."  You think so?  I don't.  I think He will say our behavior on this point was deplorable.  Don't quote Old Testament law to me - I know what it says.  Yet, in the execution of that law, God's glory and heart was to be shown, and every person who endured the consequences of their actions was to be given the opportunity to truly repent and make whatever they did right with all they offended, as best as they could.  John the Baptist said to "bring forth fruit in keeping with repentance," i.e. if you're truly repentant, show It with your actions...don't just say it.

We all have something to repent of this Holy Week and Easter season - the hate.  The hate of the sinner who sins differently than how we sin, the hate for them to be have a true opportunlty to live out that repentance.  And we do hate that.  We don't want them to have that.  That is a sin in the eyes of our Lord.  He welcomed all, and gave all the opportunity to repent, receive forgiveness, and live that repentance out in their lives.  If we would ne like Him, we would do the same.  Happy easter.  he is risen!

Number's Up - Anno Domini Feb 25, 2015

Unregistered so numbers up this morning.  Yup.  I've said it before here, and on our show - ignorant people caused this - our legislators.  What difference does I make?   This cd or record has a skip in it - no stable housing, support, or treatment increases the chances they will re-offend!  And against our children!  Is this what we want?!?  Sen. Clark Jolley, author of our stupid residency law prohibiting 2 so's living together - which makes some homeless - said he doesn't care about the consequences.  Hey, bozo - yeah, you, dork - we're paying fr you to care!  Get your head out of your butt and look at the truth - look at what YOU caused!   1028 unregistered this morning - which means law enforcement doesn't know where they are, so they can't keep track of them - and with no support system, housing, job, treatment - much more likely they'll re-offend.  Last year a couple of them died due to suicide and exposure.  You don't care?  Excuse me, I'll stand away from you at the judgement...if you don't care about your fellow human beings!  Jesus said when you've done it to the least of these, you've done it to Me."  Matthew 25:40)  It's time we infuse some Bible back I our laws and policies - yeah, that means you, Sen. Jolley, and you Gov. Fallin (for signing his piece of crap bill), and the lot of you up there - get your heads out, get some wisdom, get some knowledge, pass some good law!

Nice - Somebody Grows a Heart and a Brain

Anno Domini12/3/14

Pamela Eaton, manager of Fairfield Apartments in south Fort Meyers, Florida, grew a heart and a brain - she's leasing apartments to sex offenders.  Yep.  Really.  In fact, she's recruiting in the prisons, waives the deposit, and works with them on the first month's rent.  "I just believe that everybody deserves a second chance,"  she said, "because everybody makes mistakes."  She said her goal is to help make them independent and productive citizens.  She's gotten some opposition from neighbors, but that hasn't stopped her.  One of the neighbors said she has a gun, and she knows how to use it.  Yep, true that, use it if you have to, sister...we get that.  Protect yourself and your family.  Of course.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Protect your neighborhood.  That's part of it.  Another part of it is allowing these folks stability, which helps keep our neighborhoods more safe.  Pamela does have a screening process, and says, "They're really wanting to do right.  They really are."

Hats off to you, Pamela!  We need more apartment managers to step up to the plate and do the same.  As I have stated here numerous times, this contributes to their stability, and makes our communities safer places for our children, our familes, and our businesses.

It's the Christmas season...what can you do to support these awesome folks? 

If We Care About Our ChildrenIt's gotten cold again this year in Oklahoma.  We've all been bundled up here, of late.  And the so's have been, too - in the woods.  Yeah, with little or no shelter.  We have shared on here before that the lacl of residence for so's further puts our children in danger.  Why?  No support system and no treatment greatly increases their chances of re-offending...not only with our children, but also against our businesses.  Our continuing to allow the asinine law restricting one sex offender to a dwelling to stand, further places our communities at risk.  Does this make any sense at all?!?  No.  If we don't care that so's are out in the cold, certainly we do care that this law, spearheaded by Sen. Clark Jolley, forces thenm to fly "under the radar" because they can't find housing that is legal.  So, again, no support and no treatment.  Your and my children are at risk.  Your and my business and family are at risk...because of this really dumb law.  I won't speculate here as to Sem. Jolley's motives for pushing this law, but I can and will say we should contact his office about ittoday.  We should call and email and DEMAND he spearhead another effort to remove the law from the books.  We can do better than that. Sen. Jolley - let's pass law that is really helpful to our community.  And we call on Gov. Fallin to sign no more of these asinine bills.  Contact Jolley's office today...let's begin to put the pressure on.  If we really care about our children and families.

Anno Domini

May 22, 2014

Some days I just wonder why I get out of bed.  We are surrounded by people who don't have their brains on.  We just remembered those who lost their lives a year ago in the tornados in Moore and elsewhere in our state, and we still want to argue about whether to require all schools to have safe rooms or shelters of some sort.  That is what I call a 'no-brainer'.  And then we are subjected to idiotic statements like this: "We have to continually tweak sex offender laws to ensure there are no loopholes that allow them access to public places frequented by children.  Protecting children should be our top priority." - State Representative Josh Cockcroft, Republican.  Senate Bill 1364, signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallon (who I like, by the way) bans repeat and "aggravated" offenders from entering state parks, among other things.  First of all, what's the point of repeating the cry against ex post facto law?  No one cares, until it's our family member being treated unconstitutionally.  But I'll do it again, just because I'm called to be this prophetic voice in the desert - it is unconstitutional to add punishment to a person's case after the gavel falls.  I don't give a rip what the Supreme Court ruled on it - they're supposed to uphold the United States Constitution, not systematically participate in nullifying if, which they've done with our presidents and congress.  And that is what is happening.  No one (or few of us, I should say) is making noise, and won't, until others' rights are incrementally taken way, and justifying it by saying the public is safer.  Anyone who can read and who does their research know that is a load of bull.  And it does stink.  To heaven.   I'll say it again, and I'll say it 'til I die - if a sex offender has successful treatment, stable employment and housing, and a support base, the recidivism rate is 3%.  FACT.  So it makes all the sense in the world to take the support away, right?  Sure, if you want to raise the chances of them re-offending.  So go ahead, remove another way for an so to have support from family and friends - pass an asinine law restricting them from state parks...they don't need time away with family, spouse, and friends, for their emotional stability - no, we don't want that - that might prevent another child from being abused.  People, if they want to re-offend, no law will stop it.  So pass some more stupid laws.  Waste taxpayer dollars doing it.  Spend our money to spread your hate.  And answer to Christ on judgment day for doing it.  Sit over there with your high-priced suits and make up more dumb laws that further endanger our children.  I'm calling you out, Oklahoma Legislature, and you as well, Gov. Fallon.  People grow a brain.  Stop passing these stupid laws!

Anno Domini

Putting our children in danger Thursday, April 24, 2014 Anno Domini

It is bad for our communities when those who "serve" us don't really serve.  SB 852, responsible for by Chief Bill City and Clark Jolly, prohibits two so's dwelling together in the same residence.  This is supposed to keep them from conspiring together to perpetrate a sex crime.  Bull.  So's commit their crimes in secret.  So's living together provides accountability and stability.  It is a fact that when so's have family support, stable housing and employment, and successful treatment, the recidivism rate is 3%.  I didn't make that up - we have the data to prove it.  Our legislators don't care about such data, and they with the prompting of Chief Citty and Jolly passed such an asinine and dangerous law put our children in more danger - 1117 so's delinquent registering and 295 homeless, making it difficult for law enforcement to track them, and reduces their stability and increases their chance of re-offending.  Jolly, when confronted with this, said he didn't care.  And Citty said he wasn't supportive of Hand Up Ministries, which provides these offenders with housing and a program, which reduces their re-offending against our children.  Gentlemen, can we all get on board with the program of protecting our children and helping society?

Anno Domini

Good Friday, April 18, 2014Anno Domini

The event that occurred on this day is the focal point of history.  The Creator and King of the universe, in a man's body aged approx. 33 years, was nailed on, and hung on, a Roman cross for 6 hours - from 9 a.m. 'til 3 p.m., when he gave his spirit back to the Father and physically died.  On that Man was laid all the sins of the world - thought, word, and deed - of every person who every lived, from Adam to the last person born - throughout history.  He had been beaten, given the 39 lashes (with a whip, a cat-o-nine tails, a whip which had bone and metal woven into it, and that ripped skin and muscle when it made contact with the body and was pulled back - which killed many men), had his beard ripped out, and carried his own cross up the hill...he was then nailed on it, and it was lifted up and dropped in the ground.  The Scriptures tell us that he was nothing any of us would want to look at - that his appearance was horrifying.  And he was in agony for 6 hours, willingly, for the sins you and I have committed - our sins put him on that cross.  Yet during those hours, in the midst of his agony, he forgave his enemies, entrusted the care of his widowed mother to his closest disciple, forgave and welcomed the penitent thief who hung near him, endured all the sins of the world placed on himself, and then announced that it was finished - that his sacrifice for the sins of the world was accomplished.  Is there a more agonizing method of capital punishment in the history of the world? I have not heard of one.  And when this Jesus, who hung there for us all, asked the Father to forgive those who condemned and crucified him, because they didn't know what they were doing (or who he was), he was asking for us all to be forgiven.  When he said, "It is finished," he was saying that the punishment for my sin and your sin was taken by himself there.  And that should humble us and make us very thankful.  Our response should be something like, "Lord, I don't deserve for you to hve gone through that agony for m, and I thank you - and because you gave your life for me, I give mine to you."  Our response should also be, "I will show you to others, with what I do, and with what I say.  And I will offer them the same love and forgiveness you offered me."  It is easy for us to appreciate and accept the love, forgiveness, and life of Jesus for ourselves; but when it comes to offering that life, that forgiveness, that second chance to others - especially sexual and violent offenders - we're often not so quick to do that.  It is very human for society to single out and marginalize, to hate, a certain part of society - it makes us feel better to say, "Well, yeah, I'm a sinner, but I haven't done anything as bad as what you've done.  You deserve everything we can dish out on you."  God says we ALL deserve anything he could chose to dish out on us...and we forget that.  It's easier to hate and to judge.  Would that we as a society would reconsider our hate, and offer to everyone the same forgiveness and second chance Jesus offers us.  He will judge us for how we do, or not do, that.  Good Friday was not good for Jesus or the Father...but it was good for us.  Our forgiveness and life comes from that act.  Let us extend that to the whole world.

Anno Domini - Amazing

Wed, January 14, 2015

It's amazing.  We pay people to prosecute and punish people who are guilty of crimes...but it seems like many folks who are paid to do that have no interest in doing that - no, just in getting a conviction.  On Jan 11, Sex Offender Research and State News reported that a New Jersey man, convicted for assaulting a 17-year old girl, has done 4 years prison, and is released - and on the state registry.  So what's the problem?  The state won't run the dna.  Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Mary Juliano is opposed to running the dna.  Her reasoning?  She says he has been freed, so the law doesn't allow the dna to be tested.  Excuse me?  What the heck is your problem, woman?  I guess you're not concerned about whether this man is innocent or guilty - no, you don't want your office to look bad.  Well, you just made it look bad. And yourself, for that matter.  This man's name is on the registry, which makes it very difficult for him to find housing or employment.  Not to mention his reputation being tarnished.  So what's the threat, Ms. Juliano?  You need to do the job you were hired to do, and run the dna.  Anything else is negligent on your part.  God forbid we should find out who really committed this crime.  No, let's just let this man's conviction stand, and continue to make his life difficult.  Apparently that's what you want, or maybe you just don't care, don't want to think about it.  Well, I'm glad for him, because h;s taking your sorry self to court - and going to attempt to force you to do your job.  Hey, how about acting like a decent human being, and doing a professional job for the good folks of Monmouth County, and do the right thing - or is that above your pay grade?  Remove your head from its orifice and do your job!  And all you prosecutors out there who resist running dna - you're next!  Amazing!  I guess we have to force you folks to do your job and do the right thing.  We can't force you to care.  But we sure will attempt to force you to do your jobs.  Sorry lot of folks working for us out there.  No, not all of you.  Just you who won't do the right thing. You know who you are, we do too...and so does Almighty God.  He prosecutes too, you know.  It's coming.  Best get it right now.

Anno Domini - What Have You Done 

 December 31, 2014

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?  Honestly, that song used to depress me, and I couldn't figure out why.  I think I now know, and that is that I had lost the true meaning of Christmas, which is its magic - that of the love of Christ.  We hear often of His love in His dying for us - and that's true, but He also loved us in His humble entrance onto our planet - the planet He made - as a tiny baby.  He, being God, humbled Himself and allowed Himself to be inside a tiny baby's body, and to be born in poverty so that we might be spiritually rich in Him.  He identified Himself with His creation, with those who would be criticized for not obeying God's law.  Mary's pregnancy was questioned and, according to the Law of Moses, she should have been stoned to death.  At His birth, He revealed Himself to shepherds, those who held little esteem in society...and He welcomed tax collectors, sinners, and all kinds of "sinners"  during His life and ministry.  This Jesus, this God-man, identified with and loved those who were outcasts of society.

And He does today.  He shows His love to the downtrodden, the marginalized, to the hated, and, yes - to sex offenders.  He especially loves those whom society loves to hate.  Sen. Jolley, when told that his bill would make a number of so's homeless, said he didn't care.  Didn't care.  Well, Sen. Jolley, they're homeless now...and now when we have yet another arctic blast that will make some very sick, possibly cause death.  The very bill you authored persecutes those whom Jesus loves and wants to change.   And that bill makes our community less safe...they are without a roof, without support, employment - those things they need to re-integrate into society, and which will drastically reduce their chances of re-offending.  Making them homeless makes our communities less safe. 

So today, when we're enjoying our warm homes, family, and food, and the fun of the holidays, let's ask ourselves - what have I done?  What have I done to help the marginalized in my community?  Something we can do in the New Year 2015 is to pressure Sen. Jolley to author a bill that would truly do our community good - and remove his inhumane law from the books.  That would truly help make it a happy new year. 

Anno Domini

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Anno Domini

"The SOTNA legislation will give greater protection to the citizens of Rhode Island...." - Atty General Peter Kilmartin, re legislation filed by Rep Palumbo. 


Not sure which emotion rises to the top first - anger at people who continue to persecute people, in violaton of the Constitution, who have already been given or served their sentence, or sadness that they chose to be so ignorant.  Or are they?   It would be reprehensible, in my thinking, to continue to push these asinine and inhumane laws knowing that they are unconstitutional, hurt all people (not just so's), having read the research and stats and therefore KNOWING the fact, imho, this makes their actions, and therefore their character, evil  if they do know the facts and continue to push these type of laws.  It id proven that these laws don't protect children.  In  fact, just the opposite - they make society more unstable, make it harder for law enforcement to keep track of so's, and put our children in increased danger.  And I resent that.  I do.. We elect these officials and expect them to do a good job for us: which would entail doing research on everything concerning whatever legislation they introduce - they need to know effects of similar laws and check their motivation for pushing such short-sided and evil legislation.  But that is the problem - when it's brought to their attention, they say they don't care about so's.  Fine.  We're not asking you to care about so's - but we are asking you to care about the rest of society, and do your due diligence before you push new legislation...remove your heads fro orifices and use your brain (and heart) that God gave you, and stop behaving like idiots.  Do what's truly good for society.

Anno Domini


As of Friday, March 7, 2014 Anno Domini, 303 sex offenders are homeless in Oklahoma.  Why?  Idiotic residency laws.  Why do I say idiotic?  If they are homeless, no one knows where they are, including law enforcement.  The purpose of the registry is to advise law enforcement of a so's residence, thereby better enabling them to keep track of those who have committed a sexual offense.  The residency laws make it nearly impossible for them to live in the city - where they would have job opportunities, housing, and contact with family and friends which would give them a support system and more stability - reducing the chance of a re-0ffense.  So does it make sense to have residency restrictions?  Not at all, if we as a society want to be logical.  If were going to allow so's to, after they've served their time, be re-integrated into society, it just make sense to not restrict where they can live - so they can have that stability.  Statistics show the recidivism rate for those with counseling, support, a job, and housing is very low.  It makes sense to do things which allow for that, if we want to reduce recidivism and keep our children safe.  So why have the legislators been so determined to enact these ridiculous and senseless laws, if their real concern is the safety of our children?  perhaps that is not their main goal.

Thanksgiving?  Anno Domini

9 November 2017

It's cold outside.  Yeah, we have some Arctic air that has pushed into Oklahoma, and it definitely feels like Fall.  It was 33 degrees when I walked the dog this morning...brr!  Now, I do prefer cold over hot, but the other day, I drove by the woods, which I enjoy..but those who were living in the woods surely aren't enjoying this cold weather.

Living in the woods?!?

Yes.  Largely it is sex offenders who can't find a place to live.  Why?  Our residency laws for registered sex offenders are pretty rough - there's little places in the Oklahoma City metro where they can legally live.  So they're forced to go off the radar - not register, and live in a tent in the woods.

Some will react and say that they deserve it, let'em live in the cold.  Yeah, you say that, until it's YOUR family member.  And this often happens.  And they all didn't commit the same crime.  Is it right, for instance, to make someone live in the woods in the cold for urinating in public?  Or for having sex with their under-age girlfriend>  How many of us have done that?  Yeah, it's hitting close to home now...isn't it?  Sure is.  So a good bit of us could ne living in a tent in the woods in the cold. 

Yeah, some of the things people do with monir choldren are revolting to us, sure.  but how long do they have to be punished?  They've done their time - how anout giving them a real 2nd chance?  Depends on what it is, Robbie.  Like I said, unless it's YOUR  family place to live, no time with the Thanksgiving with the family.

SO's are another group we have chosen to marginalize in these United States of America.

I wonder how many of those Oklahoma legialators who have lost their careers for sex crimes voted for these horrible residency laws?  Hmmm.

  Jesus said you reap what you sow.

D Day - Anno Domini June 11, 2016

We just remembered D Day, those brave souls who gave all.  Thank God for them.  That is not the D Day I am referring to here, however.  I'n referring to final judgment day, where our Lord Christ sits us before Him and He judges us by our works, and then ultimately whether we have faith in Him, and have received His forgiveness.

It's part of our nature as human beings to assess ourselves more favorable that we ought.  We tend to overlook or minimize our own sin, and magnify the sins of others.  We do this with felons, and more specifically sex offenders.  We judge them harshly and say we would never do anything like that, and that they should receive the harshest punishment possible.  I have a daughter, so I understand that.

But I want to encourage us here to take a step or two back and look at the issue again.  If we are true believers, we are commanded to forgive - or we will not be forgiven, Matthew 6:15, and He will not hear our prayers, Mark 11:25.  But, no, Lord!  You wouldn't do that, would you?  Those aren't the only places in Scripture that say that.  God doesn't take it lightly when we refuse to extend forgiveness to others.  He will withhold His forgiveness, answer to prayer, and even provision (Matthew 6:33).

This applies when dealing with felons, and more specifically, sex offenders.  If he forgives, He expects us to do the same.  This does not mean we let our guard down, or allow them to be placed in positions where they can re-offend.  A thief shouldn't work at a bank, not should a sex offender serve as a youth or children's pastor, or be alone with children.  It doesn't mean we aren't extending forgiveness, it means we are exercising common sense, yea, the wisdom of God.

What we are commanded to do is show the love of Christ.  This means helping them to make a good and real change, and not hindering them.  It means we don't pass law making it difficult for them to retain housing, employment, and support from family and therapists.  If we do pass law hindering these basic things they need, we are NOT showing them the love of Christ.  In fact, we are sinning against them and their families.  Certainly we don't want to do that.  Certainly we don't want to answer for that on D Day.

No Militant LGBT - Anno Domini 9/13/15

We just remembered again Friday the tragedy that is 9/11.  And we need to remember it, and continue to take aggressive, pro-active action so that it, or anything like it, never happens again.  And while we remembered it, our eyes were turned away from the war that is waged against us from within the country.  This war I reference is waged by the militant LGBT against the rest of us.  I did NOT say LGBT, I said MILITANT LGBT.  What the heck are you talking about, Robbie?  Glad you asked, I'll be happy to explain.

Most LGBT folks (from what I can see, I have neighbors who are, and they have told us they are the norm) are not aggressive in their agenda andor actions toward the rest of us...but there is a sinister minority that has an evil agenda.  They have publicly stated their agenda - it's no secret, and we need to pay attention and do everything we can to stop it.  They have stated the opinion by the High Court in June was just a stepping stone, a springboard if you will, a beginning of the rest.  They want (and it is already beginning) their lifestyle pushed on our children in the schools.  They want every baker, florist, and venue owner to be forced to participate in their weddings and other events. And they want every minister in the country to be forced to officiate same-sex weddings.  And they have stated very clearly that they want all of us who are opposed to be jailed and have our livelihoods taken away from them.

A former facebook friend (he unfriended me, didn't like my true tolerance) stated last year he wanted Phil Robertson to be fired from the Duck Dynasty show, and his business and other assets taken from him because he "dared" (my friend's words) say what he said.  I reasoned with him, saying that of he were to be fired because he publicly stated he was gay and believed in gay marriage, I would be the first to stand with him in his constitutional right to say what he said and be able to retain his job.  He said everyone should retain their constitutional rights EXCEPT people who won't affirm the militant LGBT agenda.I thought my friend was on the fringe.  He is, but there is a minority within the LGBT community who think this way.

Kim Davis is one of three county clerks in Kentucky who refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples due to their religious beliefs.  The other two haven't yet been targeted.  You see, Davis didn't break any laws - the opinion issued by the high court is just that - an opinion.  They can't  make law.  Their opinion was 5-4, which isn't a majority to begin with.  The law in Kentucky remains that marriage is between a man and a woman.  So Kim Davis didn't break any law.  Bunning legislated from the bench and gave Davis the worst possible punishment - jail.  He refused to accept any compromise - i.e. let another one of her clerks sign them.  No, he wanted to make an example out of her.  He is part of the problem here, carrying the water for the minority militant LGBT community.  This minority has clearly stated they will move heaven and earth to remove 1st amendment rights from all who oppose them.  They have stated that the Davis case is just the beginning, that their intention is to make this happen all over the country - to elected officials, clerks, florists, bakers, venue owners, ministers - yea, any of us who won't join them in advancing their hate to all who aren't like them, or who won't fully support them in their twisted agenda. 

Is this the America that the Founding Fathers established?  It is not.  The America that they founded respects the rights of those of us who disagree - and we're in the majority.  This insidious movement has begun to win cases in court, because they have judges that are in their pocket.  The trend we have here now is legislation by, and rule of, judges.  No lone can legislate but Congress and state legislatures.  No judge has that kind of authority.  Yet they have usurped that authority.  Those in the black robes have declared themselves little kings.  The trend is to overturn laws passed in the states, when they disagree with them.  They have NO authority to do so.  The militant agenda here included removing states' rights, and replacing them with rule by judges - judges who are part of the militant LGBT movement.

I need to make myself clear here - I am NOT at all saying I have a problem with homosexuals having a civil union, call it marriage if you will.  I cannot - Genesis 3 in the Holy Bible defined for all time what marriage is.  Yet, holding that view does not make me anti-LGBT.  What I am, and what most of us in this country are, is anti MILITANT LGBT. 

We are involved in two wars, one from without against militant Moslems who want to destroy us.  The second one, in our faces, is the war within the country, that of the militant LGBT group.  My friends, they are in the mnority.  Constitutionally, NEVER should anyone lose his/her job, livelihood, position, be forced to participate in anything we are uncomfortable with.  Let's look at this truth - amendments added after the 1st amendment do NOT negate the rights stated in the 1st amendment.  This is a radical, nonsensical, absolutely wrong interpretation of the Constitution.  We don't give up our rights, including the right to raise our families according to our values, to a small militant group of citizens who hate us, our values, and our God,  We absolutely will not give up our rights to this fringe group of radicals.

If they do what they have promised, there will be thousands of lawsuits in this country in the coming days, against those who oppose their agenda.  We must not give in to these radicals.  We have a gift from God - a republic.  Benjamin Franklin was asked, at the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, as he left Independence Hall  “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Franklin and the other Founders would be angry yet again if they were here on this soil again.  They waged war against the mother country England to have true freedom to live according to their consciences, and to establish this republic.  They would stand firm against this militant minority whose firm purpose is to remove constitutional rights from most of us.  Franklin would've got in their faces, and probably shoved a gun up their tail ends.  I'm not advocating violence, but I am advocating the strongest response we can muster against these demon-possessed, hate-filled people. The apostle Paul wrote inn Ephesians 6:12. " For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  So we begin on the spiritual level.  We pray., first, for God to move.  We pray for Him to work in their hearts to soften them, and so prepare them to hear the Gospel and receive Christ, and be changed and filled with His Spirit and love.  It is also biblical to pray that God does whatever it takes to stop them from reaching any of their goals.  On a physical level, we also need to do everything we can legally to stop them from carrying out their evil agenda.  Yes, I said EVIL agenda.  And if you haven't come to that conclusion yet, let me remind toy again what it it - forcing the gay agenda on our children, forcing us to say their lifestyle to acceptable to our values, forcing us to participate in their lifestyle in ways that make us extremely uncomfortable, violating our 1st amendment rights.  My friends, their rights do NOT negate our 1st amendment rights. 

You may be reading this and thinking I am a man of hate.  I am not.  As I wrote earlier, I have neighbors who are gay (two males) who call my wife and I family.  We have eaten together on different occasions, and they have clearly stated they disagree with the militant agenda.  They know my wife and I are people of compassion and the love of Christ - they wouldn't have welcomed us into their home if they didn't believe that. Showing the love of Christ to people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, and having compassion on them does NOT mean giving up our God-given rights.  The Founders recognized that our rights come from God, not from judges and courts, presidents and governments.  We have great gifts - the life of Christ and the rights stated in the Constitution.  We are commanded to share that life in Christ, which includes holding to and sharing a biblical worldview.  It also includes protecting our families AND EACH OTHER from this militant movement.

It is time to stand up for one another.  NO ONE SHOULD EVER LOSE A JOB, BUSINESS, OR LIVELIHOOD FOR LIVING OUT THEIR FAITH AND VALUES.  EVER.  We must become angry now, and stand up for one another, or we will lose everything to these hate-filled people who want to take everything from us.  It is time.

“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
~J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

It has been given us the privilege of life in Christ, and His true life, our families and friends, and the best country in the history of the world (after ancient Israel).  We must rise now and defend her from these would-be tyrants.


Obsessed - Anno Domini
I've long thought it, long known it...and the longer I live on the planet the more I wonder is it becoming as obvious to everyone else?  I'm talking about our obsession with sex.  No, not pointing the finger at anyone here, no fault-finding 0 I'm just as quilty (moreso) as everyone else.  We like it.  We think of it fairly often (don;t we?.  We like to talk about it.  We certainly like to engage in it.  And, we all have very strong opinions about it.

Including the High Court opinion.  Did you know I was going to go there?  Sure you did...this is a blog largely about sexual behavior and the consequences thereof.  The justices made gay marriage the law of the land.  At first glance, we may say, "So?" and go on with our business. It really doesn't affect me.   Well, think again.   They're relating it to the 14th amendment, which reads, in part, "No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."  They're saying all states must allow gay marriage, and that it is now a civil rights issue, that it must now be the law.  (I say "must now be", because there's a difference of opinion as to whether the justices can legislate, which they are clearly attempting to do here, or whether what they issued was an opinion, which will be tried in courts again.  And that is a fact, because most of the states don't want it. Yet, that, sadly, is the trend right now - the states vote on something and make it law, and judges deem it unconstitutional and strike it down.  So, really where we are now, is a particular viewpoint ruling over the rest of us through judges.  Our republic has been a good experiment, but it's failig...a small part of the populace is beginning to control a lot of things.

But, wait, now - if it's good, what's wrong with that?  First of all, we're a republic, not a democracy - a democracy is majority rule. This isn't the majority.  But the question is asked here - isn't this good, though?  Shouldn't they have the same rights as everyone else?


Not if, by "the same rights as eberyone else," you mean that clergy shpould be forced to conduct their weddings, allow the use of the church buildings, florists must make arrangements, bakers must make their cakes, et al, if it violates their conscience.  And it does.  Which violates the 1st amendment, which reads, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."  For their rights to be carte blanche, many peoples' 1st amendment rights would be taken away.  So, if we're going to say that the court's opinion should be the final word, then we must find a way forward that allows the 14th amendment for gays to be upheld, and the 1sy amendment rights of everyone else to be upheld - which means they have the right to refuse service to gays if it violates their conscience.  And to be able to say so without it being deemed hate speech, charged, fined, lose their businesses and homes, etc, all which is going on right now.

And I haven't even yet said anything about the morality of the high court opinion.  A civil marriage is one thing.  Forcing everyone to say that gay marriage must be held to be a real, true marriage, i.e. one in accord with the Scriptures and sanctioned and uopheld by the church - well, sorry, that's not going to happen.  And for many of us, never will.  God spoke through the biblical writers - he defined marriage through Moses in Genesis as the union in every way of a man and a woman, the Lord Jesus affirmed it and Paul did , as well.  Many of us wo truly believe the Bible to ne the written word of God cannot deviate from this, and somehow try to re-define marriage in a way that doesn't offend other people.  Those who hold to the Bible as I do will uhold it and, as Paul wrote, "tell the truth in love."  Yes, he said do it with the love of God.

So yeah, we're obsessed.  How far does our obsession go?  To the ruin of our nation, the rights of its people.  I speak now to bring some sanity so that it will not, and pray that it be not.

Don't Skake Off in NYC.

Anno Domini 2/11/15

When will this insanity end?  A recent New York Times Story tells how NYC has undercover officers in public men's rooms in a effort to prevent child sexual abuse.  OK, fine, makes sense - what parent mom hasn't thought twice when sending her young male child into the men's room with fear and trepidation (one told me that recently)...but they're not preventing much of anything.,  They're harassing.  Yep.

If you go into a public restroom there and shake off after going, you're likely to get arrested for masturbating in public.  No, I'm not kidding.  Officers are staring at men who relieve themselves, and when they shake off before zipping up, are getting arrested - the officers claiming they're stimulating themselves in public.  Not sure if there's a magic number, as in the old saying which says, "Don't shake it more then twice, or you're playing with it," but the officers surely are looking at it that way.  Emphasis on looking at it...perverts. 

It would be funny if it wasn't true.  Just another example if idiocity in the name of so-called protection.

Anno Domini - Show the Love

Friday, August 1, 2014

Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 that in the last days, "Because of wickedness, most people's love will grow cold."  I submit to you that nowhere else do we see this as evident as in how people treat so's.  And, sorry to say, some of this comes from Christians.  Yes. believers in Christ act like this.  All throughout the New Testament, we see the command to love as Christ did.  What does that look like?  I'm glad you asked me that. It looks like treating all like Christ did - offering them forgiveness and an opportunity for restoration.  That doesn't mean we put them in a position where they can offend again, but it does mean allowing them to (and in some cases helping them to) live in a situation where they can truly re-integrate into society, and thrive.  I have said here before that if we don't allow them to do that, our communities will suffer for not doing so.  Can any of us improve on the way of Christ, and His apostles carrying His way out?  No.  It is arrogant that some of us do think we know better than God.  It is sad to me that believers in Christ think this way, that they know better than our Lord on how to deal with people.  Some who profess to be believers that sit in our legislatures are guilty of that - they are not teachable, and won't allow the love of Christ to influence how they think and legislate.  That will lead to the downfall of our country.  We should pray for our elected officials and influence them to legislate wisely, according to biblical principles, not a knee-jerk reaction to bad behavior.  You who serve in that office, will you not listen to the wisdom of Christ and read the research that has been done on this?  Or will you continue on in self-chosen ignorance and drag our communities further down, by passing more asinine laws that do nothing to help anyone, and ultimately hurt everyone?  I call on you to do better than that.

Anno Domini Friday July 4, 2014

Conscience Trumps Law: It Really is All About Sex

 We come now to the yearly celebration of America's independence...and I note that our country remains deeply divided.  Some wish their employers to pay for contraceptives that cause abortions, and many want more consequences placed on so's, neither which are constitutional.  Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights prohibits passage of any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion - yet that is exactly the what the dissenters of the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods decision want - for their owners to cease the practice of their religion by violating a deeply-held eversion to abortion, by forcing them to pay for it.  The Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 forbids retroactively punishing someone after they have been sentenced - and laws, in violation of this, are written and passed every day against so's.  Truth be told, this is all about sex - those opposed to the Court's decision want to enjoy the freedom of sexual activity with out any consequences - they want others to foot the bill for them.  And those who have no problem with the passage of ex post facto laws toward so's  have a disdain (rightly so, I must add) to their sexual behavior, and want harsh laws passed to curb that behavior...which, statistics show, does little to deter such behavior; I have my mind made made up,  don't confuse me with the facts.  So people want sexual freedom and they want others to pay for it, except when it comes to behavior THEY disagree with - which is nothing less than hypocrisy.  Again, we're not condoning sexually deviant behavior here - we're just pointing out the hypocrisy.  And they want to have a strong dislike of those who disagree with them.   It is time we get past our selfishness and exalting our emotions over the Constitution, and uphold this wisely-crafted document:  allow people the freedom to practice their sincerely-held beliefs (even when it means you don't get what you want), and stop the passing of ex post facto law - allow folks to suffer their consequences and then have a real opportunity to change, and re-enter society with a fair chance of making it.  Then we can say Happy Independence Day, and truly mean it!

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Anno Domini, Christmas 2015

This weekend we are expecting a lot of precip in the form of snow and ice.  And while we are eating our homemade pumpkin pie, finishing the leftover turkey or ham, and perhaps (fewer of us) reflecting on the birth of Christ - sex offenders who, due to laws passed by our legislature, may be freezing to death out in the woods or under a bridge somewhere.

But that's not my problem, is it? 

Yes.  It is.  We elected those who passed the law tat threw them out on the street. Some have already died due to this inept legislating.

Yes, that is true.  Some have already died due to the law of the State of Oklahoma making them homeless.

One may say, "But isn't this just another consequence of what they did?"  No.  How much more are we as a society going to give them?  It is unconstitutional to mete out any more punishment than what was ordered when the gavel fell.  That's called ex post facto law, more added to the sentence after the case is closed.  And the Constitution states clearly it is not to happen in the United States of America.  Don't do it to me, but dump it on them.

Have Santa bring them some more.

We have discussed on this blog and on the show the FACT that residency laws for sex offenders have done NOTHING to reduce recidivism, and the fact that they make things worse - they make our communities less safe.  It is time in 2016 to put pressure on the legislature to change the law.

Baby it's cold outside.  I pray none of them freeze to death this weekend.

Merry Christmas.

A Reminder - Anno Domini, August 16, 2016

I'm driving home tonight, and I'm enjoying the drive.  The sun has begun to go down - it's dusk, my favorite time of day.  What does dusk say to me?  It says that (most days) the day's work is done, enjoy the peace, enjoy the quiet, and enjoy the Presence of God.  The temperature has dropped a bit in the past few days, the heat isn't scorching now, and Fall is coming in about 6 weeks.  Fall is my favorite time of year - the air is cooler and the leaves turn different colors.  It's a beautiful time of year, and it cools down so we can enjoy the outdoors a little more (some of you like it hot - this big boy doesn't).  So the end of the Summer is closing in.  And I'm thankful. God is good.  He does things when we least expect it.  Isn't it true that when we've done all we can with something, when we take another step in faith - He does something.  He comes through!  It doesn't always look like what we thought it would, but He does something.  And that makes the effort worth it. 

I enjoy seeing God at work in the world. There's a lot wrong in the world right now.  There's a lot of blood needlessly being shed.  There's a lot of hate being spread.  On the 10 o'clock news the other night, the first 5 news stories were horrible.  I told my wife I just wanted to turn it off.  But there are a lot of good tings going on in the world, too.  The media doesn't report it as much. Why?  The rough stories drive up the ratings.  Gotta have ratings.  The percentage of bad stories versus human interest stories is very lopsided.  Murder, theft, hate, shootings - all that drives ratings.  So after the Olympics in the evening, get ready for the blood.  Just awful.  What's sad is that it's so unnecessary.  And what's sad is that people are stirring it up - it benefits some to influence the climate.  That's the sad part.

But I really feel led to remind us today that with all the hate, killings, shootings, robberies, persecution of Christians here and around the world, and encroachment on religious freedoms...that God is still here.  It doesn't look like it sometimes, but He is still at work in the world.  He is still God.  He is still changing people.  Believe it or not, many Muslims around the world are becoming Christians.  They are coming to know Christ.

So we need to be praying for all people.  Often, I talk about ex-felons in this blog, and about the need for reform of law.  Today, I'm reminding us that God is good, that He is still at work in His world, that He is still changing people.  That's a reason to rejoice. 

Wanted to remind us today. 

No Honor, No Shame, No Intended Results - Anno Domini March 22, 2017

Imaging finding out that your address is on the so registry.  And you've never even been accused of a sex crime.  That happened to a guy in Pine Junction, Colorado.  On the so map, there his house was marked - and, even worse, it said "Failure to Register".  This is not the first time this has happened somewhere in the U.S.  His neighbors ostracized him, and that is fairly common, but in some places, being on the so map has resulted in vigilantism.  Isn't there usually a disclaimer on these sites?  Sure.  And that stops those things from happening.  No, it doesn't.  In fact, maintaining a public registry, we've stated here several times, ruins an so's life, and sometimes brings harm upon his/her family.  And most people don't have time to care until it affects someone in their family.  And with the trend of adding new laws that could get someone on the so registry, more of us family members will be dealing with that.  The registry has never worked as a deterrent.  It's always, rather, been a way to shame a person and prevent him/her to move forward in his/her life, prevent them from getting jobs, housing, and from re-assimilating into society after they've done their time.  Here again, some say just keep them locked up.  We can't afford that, especially not in the state if Oklahoma.  No, when they have a good opportunity for support, counseling, employment, and housing, the recidivism rate is very low.  The Colorado Bureau of Investigation spokesman, when asked when this would be corrected for the Pine Junction resident, said, "We don`t have a timeline of when that is going to be completed but I can tell you it is a priority."  I would say, "Your timeline is today."

No timeline?!?  Time for a lawsuit.

To Be Giving - Anno Domini

March 29, 2017

We're pro-life here.  Unapologetically.  Not just life for babies, life for moms, too.  What do you mean?  Moms are dying in abortion facilities.  Or on the way to the hospital after botched abortion procedures.  The other media out there won't cover it for you, but we will.  It's happening more and more often, that abortion procedures are botched, and they have to rush a woman to the hospital so she won;t bleed to death.  They don't want us to know, because that casts them in a bad light.  And it should.  The big arguments for tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood  and for others to perform abortions are, one, the woman's right to chose, and two, it's supposed to provide a safer place to get abortions.  And it often does not.  We don;t hear about the deaths - of the babies and the mommas.  And Planned Parenthood doesn't want to talk about the fact the aborted baby body parts are illegally sold./  Yes, sold.  There is a federal law against it.  Former president Obama never wanted that law enforced, because he's a big fan of abortion.  Yeah, he thinks murdering babies is a good thing.  So does former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.  Neither is interested in enforcing federal law prohibiting the selling of aborted baby body parts.  And that is sickening.

On this morning is a storey that the Planned Parenthood Director admits that babies born alive after abortion are killed.  This is evil.  Normally, we cover issues dealing with re-entry, and more specifically, sex offenders here.  How are the two related?  How is aborting a baby, or taking its life after a botched abortion, worse than child molestation?  I'm glad you asked me those questions.  The way they are related is this:  We are selfish.  We want what we want.  And often we take to get that.  In the case of a sexual offense of a child, that takes the innocence of that chilkd and tramples all over it.  The child is left scarred.  He or she is psychologically damaged.  Abortion goes beyond that - it takes that child's life.  People want to behave sexually however they chose, and have no consequences.  People want the freedom to kill a baby after we have sex, often irresponsible sex.  They want no consequences after using a child to gratify their sexual desires.  Both are similar - both want sex with no strings attached.  The problem here is this:  God designed sex to be between a consenting man and woman who are in a covenant relationship we call marriage.  The consequence of that is good - an intimate relationship, and often children.  That is the way God designed sex to work, and anything less than that naturally brings undesired consequences.  Any other expression of sexual behavior is selfish, self-centered, and takes from the other, not gives.

It is time for our culture to look at sex differently - as a gift from God, designed for the benefit of the other, for the spouse...not just for the one who wishes to use it for his/her own ends.  Sex is to be giving, not taking.  In our culture today, we believe sex is for taking - taking of our satisfaction at the expense of others - emotionally and physically.  May God grant us repentance.

I've Got the Fear on A String

Anno Domini August 9, 2016

Just heard that great big band classic, I've Got the World On A String, on a Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode.  Vic Fontaine did a great job on it.  What's the story?  Nog the feringi loses his leg in a battle with gem'hadar, and he's scared to get back out into the real world.  He "saw a lot of battle," and saw a lot of people die - but he never thought he would be hurt.  Then he was, and lost his leg.  It took him a while to be able to reassimilate back into reality.  Normal, when we have a traumatic event in our lives - it can take a bit for us to be able to return to normal.

Imagine if you've committed a sex crime.  Most now, it seems, are receiving very harsh punishments for any sexual offense.  I read the story of a man last week who slept with a 13-year-old when he was 18.  He's on the registry for life.  He's in his 50's now, and still having a hard time getting a good job.  If you had made a bad judgment call, and committed an offense, you'd be looking at something similar.

Is this right? You say, but I'd never do something like that.  Really?  Ever have sex with your underage girlfriend?  You say, yeah, but --  That's what we're talking about.  Having sex with your underage girlfriend. Should he, you, me, anybody - be harshly punished for the rest of our lives for that?

That's what's happening.  Harsh punishment for a crime that really doesn't deserve it.  I had a nightmare the other night that I was a young single guy seeing a young girl.  Her license (I saw it in the dream) said 18.  After we had sex, the dream took a sci-fi twist, the license changed shape, then it returned to its original form - the pic and the age changed, and it said she was 12.  Of course I flipped out.  The room was suddenly filled with officers, all after me.  I'm turning over furniture trying to run, and yelling, "I didn't know!"  the whole time I'm running.  They yelled back they didn't care, and I got beaten down with billy clubs, and they were dragging me off to jail.

What a nightmare.  But it's real - it happens every day.  I know, lots of people do worse stuff than that.  Sure.  But how long are we going to punish someone?  Their whole life? Should a man be hated, on the registry, never be able to get a decent job for the rest of his life, his kids not able to play with other kids, for fear the so is going to do something to them?  Should a person's family be punished for the rest of their lives because someone made a mistake several years ago?

Most of us would say no.  Let me talk to the few who do.  When it's you, or a family member, you'll change your mind.  You'll stand up with the rest of us and say, "This is enough!  Let the punishment fit the crime!  Let someone have a second chance!"  Some NEVER get a real second chance.  How many of us lose control sexually and wish we hadn't done whatever we did?  Most of us.  What if whatever it is turns out to be illegal?  It's time to remove harsh punishments from the penal code.  It's time to return to a more sane way of dealing with these kinds of things.  It's time to remove the Adam Walsh Act from being the law of the land.  John Walsh, all of us who are parents hurt with you.  It was a horrible thing.  We are angry, too.  But should every person who commits a sexual offense be harshly punished r the rest of their lives, because a few people in the populace are out of control?  No.  Again, let the ounishment fit the crime.

I've got the world by the tail.  Most of us are free to pursue the careers we want, have opportunity to make decent money, provide for our families, maybe help other people.  That's America.  We enjoy that freedom.  All except for a few of us.  And that number is growing, by the way.  As laws become harsher, more things are criminalized, and the penalties become more harsh.  Really, this is not the way to go.  We've lost our way, we've lost our minds.  I'm calling for some sanity here.  Can we allow someone to have a real second chance?  People chance, they really do - with a good opportunity.  Can we not allow them that opportunity?

Or will we continue to allow our fear and hate to rule the day?

Priorities - Anno Domini

June 7, 2017

Every day that goes by leaves me shaking my head about our legislature.  They've wrecked the budget, and want to tax us to make up for their mishandling of funds.  They've promised to raise teacher's salaries, and I've (we've) waited for that to materialize.  Crickets.  Our bridges are some of the worst in the nation, and they don't seem to be getting repaired.  I guess our safety isn't their concern.  To me, they look like they're taking their cues from Washington - tax and spend. and do little for we the people.  And a few years ago, they passed hateful, draconian residency law that makes sex offenders homeless.  I'm honestly way past hearing the tired, old "well, it's their own fault,"  line.  Yeah we say that, until it's one of OUR famly members harshly punished by ex-post facto law, and OUR family member is made homeless, contact with the family is limited, and OUR family member lives in the woods in the extreme heat and cold wanting something to eat, a job,support from family, and a REAL second chance - and are denied it everyday.  And we don't care, unless it's OUR family member.  Thank our legislature, and thank ourselves for not making enough noise to end it.  Then, on top of this hate law, and lack of our legislature handling the budget, and not passing raises for teachers, they want to pass law making it legal to drink in movie theaters. Oh, yeah, guys.  That's important.

Thanks Anno Domini Thanksgiving Week

Every year, we take a day (or so) and eat a huge meal,
hang out with family and (hopefully) offer up thanks
to God for all the blessings He has given us.

And while we eat, there are people who are homeless. 
How many of us just started making excuses, saying
things like, it's their own fault, or in the case of so's -
they definitely did it to themselves.

I beg to differ.

Our evil residency laws did it to them.  The residency laws,
we have said before, do nothing to make our communitoes safer -
on the other hand, they make our communities more dangerous places
to live.  No support, no housing, no employment, no treatment -
the recidivism rate spikes way up.  That's what the residency laws cause.
Those who are in favor of them haven't taken the time to do their research.

We are here to help with that, and to help in any way we can, in the Name
of Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the Summertime, When the Weather is Hot - Anno Domini June 1, 2016

Howdy, friends and neighbors.  This is your friendly neighborhood Robbie Cabeza...ready to meddle again.  Don't you just love it?  Hehe.

We're on the cusp of Summer... it's warming up all over.  My wife and I are already fighting over the thermostat - she likes it warm, I like it cool.  Isn't that the way of it?  I've got the fan on  already, early in the morning here in the living room, in my home office.  So, it's time to get the boat out, and the seadoos, and the tents, and the grills, and head out to the lake.  Cool, right?  Yes, it is.  It's good to get ourselves outside and move around, get some sun.  Our bodies work best when we can do that fairly often.  And it's always good to spend some time with the family.  In fact, it's biblical.  There you go again, Robbie, throwing Bible at us.  Well, that's my job - I'm a pastor.  But, see - this is positive...not beating anybody over the head..  Anyway, time to take the family outdoors for some fun and time together.  It's good for all of us.  And for us believers, time for us to share our faith with our kids, in a natural way.  The real way.  It's the way it's done (Deuteronomy 11:19).  It's how we change the world.  Huh, Robbie?  Yeah.  We allow God to His work in our families first, and ten that overflows out into the world, as a natural consequence.  Men and fathers, let's take the time and do the real work of loving our wives and children, and modeling a love for God and His ways, and a biblical worldview. And they will take that to the world.  It begins with us and our families. 

That biblical worldview includes not only a love for God, it includes a love for people.  Not a mushy-gushy kind of love, but the God-kind of love that values people as He does, and wants the best for them.  That includes ex-offenders.  Wait, Robbie - all but them.  No, including them.  When we look at ex-offenders the way God looks at them, we pray for them, and if we are led by God to help them directly.  And we're all called to help them indirectly.  What's that, Robbie?  Yeah, we're all called to help them indirectly.  how do we do that?  Simple.  We advocate common-sense reform to our existing laws, and to the way we treat them.  Because if you always do what you've always done, you're always gonna get what you've always got.  It's time for us to put pressure on our legislators to change the crazy, stupid law we have on the books regarding ex-felons - including sex offender residency laws - some of the DUMMEST things anybody has ever come up with to deal with the fear of a sex offender re-offending.  Where they live has no bearing on whether the re-offend - they can drive anywhere and re-offend if they chose.  Statistics prove that if they have support, a roof, counseling, and a job, the recidivism rate is very low.  But the legislators would rather do something that makes them look good, other than passing common-sense laws that are good for everyone.  C'mon, guys - you can do this.  Do it!

Real Change - Anno Domini 3/15/17  Yeah, the whole "tough on crime"  idea really isn't working for Oklahoma.  We think the harsher penalties for crime are going to reduce the crime rate.  It hasn't.  Instead of dealing with an issue, we cookie-cutter people and lock them up for outrageously long times.  And then we say we need to spend more money to build more prisons.  Hey, you guys in the legislature - did you not notice we have a HUGE budget shortfall right now?   We're talking about cutting money to state agencies - yeah, no way around it.  I think it's time we put on the brakes and re-look at dealing with crime.  It costs us a lot of money to incarcerate people - and too many people are locked up for too long.  That costs the state money.  And we can't afford to pay the staff necessary to implement that.  We're short-staffed right now in our prisons.  This goes back to what we've been saying here at SLR since day one - that harsh penalties on sex offenders (all felons, really) don't alleviate the problem.  When I bring up so's, the response I get typically is lock 'em up, chemically castrate them, execute them....until it's one of their own family members.  Then they want leniency, common-sense consequences, counseling, removal of residency all.  It would make a difference in our budget if we didn't have to house more prison inmates...and it would be a good thing for the community if we really were in the business of helping people change, not just locking them up.  We can't afford to lock more people up.  And yes, so's CAN and DO change.  Most of us here aren't going to agree with higher taxes to deal with the budget shortfall, which many say the legislature should've seen coming. 

It's time to bring some common sense back to how we deal with crime.  I know the DA's office and the DOC are going to disagree with this, but they know we're right.  It's time for them to admit this and implement common-sense policy.  It's time for the legislature to step up and enact law that is more common-sense.  Common sense says we don't lock as many people up for as long.  Common sense says we do more probation, parole, and community supervision.  Common sense says we free up more beds in prisons, as opposed to spending more money that WE DON'T HAVE implementing harsh sentences, and causing prison overcrowding, and inadequately staffing prisons...not to mention contributing to a budget shortfall.  Common sense says we treat the average person the way we would want our family members, yea ourselves, treated.  When we do not, that is plain and simple hypocrisy.

When folks aren't willing to get behind this, really, it says to me that their job is just that a job.  It isn't looked at as a SERVICE to the community, it's only a way  to put food on the table.  When legislators won't do their homework and find out what REALLY reduces the recidivism level of so's, their jobs have become just that - JOBS alone.   They're not serving the community.  We've attempted to bring statistics to their attention, but it seems that, largely, the attitude is, Don't bother me with the facts;  I've made up my mind.  What it really looks like to some of us is that some chose to be ignorant, chose to not be wise, chose to not have any compassion - not only for offenders but for the community, but for citizens, for families.  They chose to be influenced, for whatever reason(s) by those who don't want common sense.

If everyone there would decide to have some common sense, and not listen to the naysayers, we could see some real change.

Unless It Is to Hurt Someone  Anno Domini

21 November 2017

I wish everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

And most of us will enjoy that.  Unless you're a homeless sex offender, or you have a family member who is a homeless sex offender, and you and he or she are having a hard time finding a place for your homeless so family member to live, then it will be a cold Thanksgiving indeed fir that person.

Our Legislators passed this evil so residency law making so's homeless.  And they can't pass a budget.  Bunch of do-nothings, unless it is to hurt someone.  Yeah, I'm being a bit rough.  Food for thought.

When the holiday is over, let's lobby them to change the so residency law, and fix the budget issue.  After all, it is what they'sre paid to do.  Haopy Thanksgiving.

Hate and the Constirution - Anno Domini
May 10, 2017

I see that the male gay couple is now going to sue Kim Davis.  You
remember she is the clerk in Kentucky that refused to issue tham a 
marriage license with her name on it to them.  She did jail time for that, 
we all remember.  We still have a problem in our country - if a christian
has a problem doing something, the courts try to compel him/her to do it, if it's politically correct.  People in different places around the country 
have been losing businesses, bank accounts, and property...all because they are exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  It seems as if the rights of gays override the rights of Bible-believing christians. That should never be.  
Now, don't misunderstand me - this isn't a diatribe against gays, def not saying we should hate them.  No, they have Constitutional rights, too, and Christ said we should love them, love all people.  Those guys could've gotten their marriage license in an adjoining county.  No, they didn't want to do that - they want to persecute Kim Davis. And take her money.  That's evil.  The problem here is that the opinions of a few are overriding the opinions of most of us...and we have to stand against that.  The opinions of a few regarding re-entry of ex-felons, especially sex offenders, have been dominating the judicial system.  Common sense and adhering to the Constitution have been thrown out and replace with hate and idiocy.  The recidivism rate for sex offenders is very low when they have a support system, housing, counseling, and employment. The Constitution forbids ex post facto law, which now is in the form of residency requirements that make them homeless. Our legislators (and those in other states) have chosen to remain ignorant on these facts.  Time to call them to account for that and motivate them to make better law.  Time to call them to bring back respect for the Constitution.

A Culture of Inhumanity  - Anno Domini

April 12, 2017

A doctor was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight the other day, because he wouldn't voluntarily remove himself.

Airlines often overbook flights, because sometimes people don't show up for their flights, and it's economically good sense to do what they can to fly with their planes full.  So they ask if anyone would like to be bumped to another flight - and they give them incentives, like cash, another free flight, frequent flier miles, etc...and some people opt to take that.  The incident the other day involved United needing to get some crew members to another city, so they offered incentives to get people to take another flight.  One doc didn't, and they asked him to get off the plane...he did not.

So they called airport police, who then pulled him out of his seat, knocked him out, and dragged him out of the plane.  Yeah.  I call that assault.  He had paid for his ticket, and he decided to remain on the plane - because he had patients the next morning.

If that isn't bad enough, some of the media want to go after him by bringing up charges he had from 2004...apparently the doc has a felony for "allegedly" prescribing pain medication for gay sex.  This man has a wife and family, so here we's all over the internet today about this incident in the doc's past.

So they were saying the airline was justified in their treatment of him, because of this.  Really?!?  This is what our culture has come to...we want to trash the media, because they continually go after dirt on politicians, celebrities, and joe citizen - but we can be just as bad as they are!  The fb posts I saw this morning tended to bring up the man's past and trash him, and use that to say their treatment of him doesn't matter, and even that it's justified.

Well, it's not.  What he did in 2003 has no bearing on how he is treated now.  He paid for a service - air transportation from one city to another.  That is what he should've gotten - REGARDLESS of past behavior.  Our culture has gotten to a place where we enjoy bringing up a man's (or women's) past, use that to defame him/her, and then say he/she has no right to be treated in an ethical manner.

We've gone off the ranch.  Way far.  Inhumane behavior.

Anno Domini - More Idiocy 5 - 4 - 16

There's a bill on Gov Fallin's desk.  It allows for those to still be jailed (same sentence as those who are not) who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity.  I think the Oklahoma Legislature is insane.  They can't balance a budget, and they continue to pass these asinine hate laws.  Yes, hate laws.  Every session, they look for more opportunities to express their hate for sex offenders.  They don't care that they've made a change, that they've gone years without re-offending.  No, they want to continue to pass unconstitutional ex post facto law to further punish them.  They want to look like they're doing something productive.  Wett. I don't see much productivity.  I see a lot of idiocy, idoacracy, posing as law, and supposing to be beneficial to the community.  It's NOT.  It's crap painted gold.  We have called for, on this blog and on our show, some sanity up at the capital.  We keep voting for these people, and they keep giving us more of the same.  They think we're dumb and don't see it.  Well, we do!  Or do we?

Child Support is Not Biblical - Unless... - Anno Domini

April 26, 2017
I have your attention, I think.  The concept of child support began as a noble one, methinks.  There are problems, however, with the requirement to pay child support in this day and age.  First of all, it is assumed the father (non-custodial parent, usually the father - we'll discuss this later)  will have an active role in the child's life.  This is a biblical concept, from Genesis to Revelation.  We may be criticized for "imposing" biblical mandate onto our laws.  That's fine, but the supposition is an uninformed one - because the Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on Holy the point is disregarded - we are already there.  If one doesn't like that, ho or she has the option to live in another country, because those of us who like that (the majority) are prepared to work to have that remain.  So, the principle remains that if a man pays child support, he should have a say in the child's life and play a large role in the raising of that child.  
States' penal codes state this, and yet it is rare that they enforce those laws.  Rather, the bias is toward the mother - no effort and expense is spared in ,making sure the non-custodial parent pays that  child support.  The assumption here is that the mother has little or no means of support, which may or not be true.  Often, she has another love interest, who she then works to have that male be functioning as, and identified as (by the child and the public) as the father, and she pushes the real father out of the child's life.  The assumption here is that said father is unfit in some way, which is aften untrue.  Courts are reluctant to do anything to enforce their penal codes, which require a borth father to have inflrence in the child's life.

Second, let us look at this matter 0f "unfit" fathers.  Often, this is a ruse on the part of the mother to accomplish said objective above - i.e. supplant the birth father.
There are very few reasons why a borth father should be removed from a child's life.  One is that he has committed a criminal offense for which he isn't repentant, and it can be shown that in a court of law.  A criminal offense should NOT keep a father from his child, including sex offenses (unless, oerhaps, the child
is his victim) - supervised visitation may then be implemented.

Bottom line is this:  A birth father should have the opportunity to have a part in the raising of his child.  If not, the state should not force him to oay child support.  That is biblical and is common sense.  

Compassion or Hate - Anno Domini

July 6, 2016  

Independence Day, I was driving home in the evening, when I came up on a totalled van.  Paramedics and police said the woman driving was drunk,
and she had driven up under an 18 wheeler.  She and her two teenage daughters were injured, and blessed to be alive.  I stopped and prayed over
each one, and the youngest daughter was severely distraught.  She at least had a broken arm, was in a tremendous amount of pain, and had blood
all over her face.  She asked for my prayer, and I was able to get her to calm down, and be still and wait for the paramedics.  The smell in 
the air was one, having totalled a car before, that took my mind to that day - a combination of radiator fliud, airbag, and the smell of plastic
inside the windshield.  Two days later, the scene the scene is still playing out in my mind.

I am reminded that our stay here on this planet is not permanent - this is not our home, especially for us believers.  We all will one day be 
with Christ, either for welcome or for worse (for those who say no to Him).  I want to remind us all of that today, that today may be our last.
What should that mean?  It should mean a life of repentance and real faith in Christ, shown in a life of compassion to all.  I am dismayed
that I don't always see that in christians.  I often see a judgmental attitude - as in, that woman shouldn't have been drinking.  Well, duh.
Does that preclude having compassion for her and her family?  It should not.  Bad decisions should never dictate our attitudes toward someone.
Christ welcomed all - rough fishermen, terrorists, and sex offenders.  He welcomed them all unconditionally, and was there to help them change.
And change they did.  They shared Him with the world, and all but one was martyred for that.  Do we as believers have the same heart?  Yes, I 
believe that offenses have consequences.  Yet also with that, after the sentence is served, should come a real opportunity to begin again.  So,
what will we have - compassion or hate?  An attitude that says that some (i.e. sex offenders) should never have an opportunity, after they 
serve their sentences, to truly begin again?  To have a real chance to re-enter society, and make their way?  Compassion or hate?

Supreme Decisions - Anno Domini

June 28, 2017

Well, well.  Sometimes the Supremes surprise me.  The Green Hobby Lobby decision, for one, was a
once surprise. Monday left me shaking my head.  You never know with the Supreme Court.  Two things 
I love were decisions in favor of the Lutheran Church and School in MO, and the sex offender victory.
Yes, sex offender rights prevailed at the Supreme Court.  They ruled that social media sites may NOT 
ban from sex offenders from their sites - that social media is a good and positive thing for sex offenders, 
for them to interact with the world, and a viable platform for them to exercise their first amendment rights
of free speech, with clean content.  Long have the scales tipped to the side of gradually removing all constututional rights
from so's, and the high court ruled a few years ago that that ex post facto residency laws for so's are constitutional.
Ex post facto law is NEVER constitutional.  The Constitution forbids it.  Adding punishment on to an already disposed
case is against the law - yet judges do it every day. Residency laws and restriction from social media have never 
prevented an so from re-offending.  And they never will.  A nice breath of fresh air with brains turned on from the
Supremes.  Sometimes they get it right.

Sex, Lies & Reality

Christmas Thoughts - Anno Domini, December 21

The show and this blog has been on a hiatus, of sorts...but we're back.  Well, what's on my mind and heart this morning is that we've settled.  Yes, we've settled for terrorism and a lack of compassion.  When we wake up and what's on the news is more terrorist attacks, either here in the U.S. or overseas, and our reaction is, "oh, well, more of that," and we're used to it - it's a sad day, indeed.  And when someone brings it to our attention that, with the extremely cold weather we've had, sex offenders are living in the woods in tents, and our reaction is, "well, it's their own fault," well that reaction makes it a sad day, as well.

Because it's not their fault.  May I remind us that inhumane laws are forcing them to live outdoors in subzero temperatures?  They would do better locked up again, some would say.  We can't build enough prisons to lock everyone up for every little offense!  And if they've done thir time, do they not deserve a fair chance to reassimilate into society??  We say yes.  Merry some.

Nothing New Under the Sun (or Son) - Anno Domini

February 17, 2016

I like sex.  Most of us do.  And the one or two people I've met who say they don't are lying.  We deal with sexual behavior and its consequences on this show, and on this page.  There's a consensus out there as to what is "acceptable" sexual behavior.  Not that it matters that God's view is different than ours, does it?  OK, Robbie - you're meddling, now...well, yeah - I am a pastor.

Nothing new under the sun.  People misbehave sexually.  And we continue with ex post facto law.  Huh, Robbie - what's that?  It's nothing new...the Founding Fathers (don't say that in San Diego)dealt with it where they came from, and wanted it gone in the new world.  It simply means adding consequences for a crime, after the sentence has been meted out.  The Constitution says we cannot do that...and yet the Supreme Court said we CAN - with sex offenders. 

My problem is this - if the Constitution isn't applied across the board, if an exception is made to this part of the populace - then what is to keep the courts from doing it to other people groups the judges don't like?

Nothing.  And some of us have been saying this for years...and crickets.  Nobody's listening.  And I'm beginning to see stories in the news of just that happening - adding on to sentences when there is no new crime committed.

That is why our Founding Fathers wrote it into the Constitution.  And who cares?  YOU, when they add on to your traffic ticket.

Tough On Crime Just Doesn't Work - Anno Domini

February 15, 2017

I was reading Christian blues and rock artist Glenn Kaiser's blog yesterday, and I had to re-read it a couple of times.  his premise is that the tough on crime idea just doesn't work.  And he's right - if it means harsh sentences for those convicted.  I find myself in agreement with him.  The answer is not to lock people up forever - we don't have the space or money for that.  The answer is not to place people on the sex offender registry for life - in a sense, they never recover from that, and it's very difficult for them to re-assimilate into society with that.  And them re-assimilating into society is what's best for them and the community.  The recidivism rate is then very low.

The whole tough on crime philosophy doesn't work.  What DOES wok is seeing offenders come to know Christ, give their lives to him, and see them really change.  You say that can't happen?  Don't believe in "jailhouse religion"?  I don't either, if it's a change inside prison or jail that ends when the offender is released.  No, we're talking here about a real and full surrender to Christ - which will change a person forever.  If you're skeptical, remember that Christ is the one doing the changing in the person...and it's not just superficial or on the outside, it's real.  So they need that and jobs training - so they can re-assimilate into society, and be a blessing to all. 

Anno Domini - Ignorant or Purposely?  June 18, 2016

I have been privileged to work in radio for nearly 30 years.  Now I have expanded my work to that of a journalist - I do this radio show news commentary show called Sex, Lies, and Reality with Buster Parker.  You've probably heard our show, if you're reading my blog here.  And doing this blog, I suppose, makes me a journalist?  In any case, I feel solidarity with other people who work in media.

That said, I'm going to upset some of you here.  I was out of state this week, spending time with family...and saw something which always leaves me shaking my head.  When tv news anchors and reporters report on sex offenders, or those accused of sexual offenses, they sometimes use the word "predator" and child molester."  I believe it was on a Dallas station this past week. 

Surely, you who are anchors and reporters (and the rest of us) realize that not all so's (sex offenders) are predators or child molesters.  If not, allow me to define the words.  A predator is someone who has a pattern of committing offenses against minors.  A person who has committed one or two offenses is not a predator.  A child molester is someone who commits an offense against a child.  A child is not a teenager.  A child is legally defined as someone under the age of 13.  A person committing an offense against a person between the ages of 13-18 is not a child molester.  Yes, he or she has committed an offense against a minor, but not a child.  A person who is 17 who has sex with a person who is a teenager is not a child molester or predator.

What difference does this make?  The way it is reported can stir up more misunderstanding and hatred toward offenders and those accused, and perpetuates the "cookie-cutter" myth - that all sexual offenses are equal. and therefore all deserve the same sentence.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Explain?  Do any of us believe that a person who is 17 that has sex with a 14 year old person, instance, should have the same consequences as an adult who commits an offense against a child under the age of 13?  Any thinking person would probably answer no.  I would guess that some of us have teenaged family members who have had sexual relations with their younger teenage boyfriend of girlfriend, who have been punished as severely as an adult committing an offense against a child.  Why does this happen?  It happens sometimes because judges are doing what they think the public wants - a harsh sentence for all.

Those of us who work in the media are responsible for educating, influencing opinion, and stirring emotion regarding these kind of crimes.  The way we report these stories, the words we use and the way we use words, either contributes to public understanding of these matters, and whether the public will be educated and think rationally about then, or whether the public will react emotionally....and then influence our legislators and judges to "cookie-cutter"  these kind of crimes, and harsh consequences.

Are you a media person reading this?  Are you more concerned with ratings, or with accurately reporting?  I understand we all have jobs to do, that we must do what we do in a compelling manner.  But I ask again - when you present a story, are you careful with the way you use words?  Do you present all who commit sexual offenses as predators, or child molesters?  If you have, or do, use these words in a careless way, is it out of ignorance, or on purpose?  Do you present a story in such a way as to sensationalize it, and use words in an inappropriate way?  And if a person is accused and charged with a crime, and then the charges are dropped, they are found not guilty - do you report that, as well?  I rarely see that.   You are obligated to do so - it influences that person's reputation!  And God forbid we should say they are guilty before a conviction - yet, I've seen that, too.  Horrible journalism.

So, is the story to report the facts?  Or to sensationalize?  Really, the subject matter is sensational enough - no need to sensationalize it further.  Remember, there is a family that is also dealing with the consequences of a person's behavior...or an accusation, whether true or not.

So, my fellow media friends - I challenge and encourage you to be very careful with the use of words.  When presenting a story, remember that the accused and his/her family are human beings, and they deserve that.  Yes, people commit crime.  Yes, there should be consequences.  Should the media influence a "knee-jerk" and "cookie-cutter" mindset and reaction?  Absolutely not.  We must have integrity.  To not be careful with the use of words is to not have integrity.

Purposely or ignorantly? 

Time For New Law, Time For Sanity - Anno Domini

February 8, 2016

What a shocker we got - Trump got elected.  I happen to like it - I think he brings some sanity and toughness into the office.  Obama seemed to have neither,  Yes, he make a statement that was pretty rough - and then the accusations came.  Now - crickets.  I have been trying to find another statement I read, that he said - one about so's.  Can't seem to find it.  Basically, he said that a lot of the furor around this issue, laws and the outcomes- were a bunch of bull.  I'm not sure I ever heard a politician say anything like that.  They're generally too afraid to upset their base, and when more ex-post facto law comes therir way, they cave and support it - so they can look like they're concerned and doing something about this issue.

We know that just makes things worse.  Try telling them that. By and large, they don't listen.  I would like to see Trump bring some sanity to this on a federal level, but I honestly don't have much hope.   Repubs have both houses, and, while that's encouraging on other issues, it really isn't on this issue.  A bill was passed under Obama and Repub-controlled houses requiring so's to have it on their passports - an asinine idea, to be sure.  It would seem that both parties have the same philosophy for dealing with this issue - more ex post facto law.  More unconstitutional removal of rights for so's, after the disposition of their sentences.  Not only is it morally and legally wrong, it adds to problems in the community.  We at SLR are constantly trying to inform everyone of that fact, but so far, it's not making a for sure is an uphill battle.  And, thatm largely because of apathy. 

The trend seems to be the we continue to add people to the registry, and jil them, for lesser and lesser crimes.  a 16-year old boy did jail time and was placed on the registry for talking nude selfies.  He didn't send them to his girlfriend or anyone else - yet he was charged and found guilty, and is on the registry and did jail time.  Insane.  Is that judge's brain on?!?  At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if it's a trend for judges to have their brains off.  Whatever is politically correct is what they're ruling.  Presidents can't issue temporary executive orders limiting alien influx into the country until they can implement a better vetting system.  Christians can't say no to making a cake celebrating a homosexual wedding - no, they're losing their businesses and experiencing their bank accounts levied, on the order of these so-called judges, for exercising their God-given and constitutional rights to decline to participate in something they believe is morally wrong.  So, these sorry excuses for judges refuse to respect people who look at the world differently than they do.  The judiciary is out of control. 

We need to pressure our representatives, state and federal, to pass sane law.  It's up to us, really.  If we don't do it, things will remain as they are.  Here in Oklahoma, we cant afford to build any more prisons or house any more prisoners.  Low-level, non-violent offenders need to be released.  So's need to be given a fair opportunity to re-assimilate into society, and not just make it difficult for them, so they end up back in prison.  That isn't the answer, for them or any other ex-felons, for that matter.

It's time for some new law.  it's time for some sanity.

A Right Way to Stand - Anno Domini

April 19, 2017

22 years ago, April 19, 1995. Timothy McVeigh, with help from Terry Nichols, bombed the Alfred P. Murrah building in downtown Oklahoma City.  The bombing destroyed one-third of the building, killed 168 people (including children), and injured more than 680 others.  The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars,causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage (from Wikipedia).

Lord, have mercy.

Why?  They Were angry with how the federal government handled a situation with Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge in 1992, and with the David Koresh-led Branch Davidians in Waco in 1993.   I shared a house with one of the ATF team who was there in Waco in '93.  He told me they burned down Koresh's compound (I didn't share the house with him for very long, after I found that out). Yes, he told me, Clinton ordered it, Janet Reno ordered it, because they were a cult..they had 1st Amendment rights too, right? Maybe not - our gov't killed innocent children at Waco, that's a fact.  And he told me it wasn't an accident - they went there with orders to burn it down, with them inside it.  He agreed with the order - he said they were a "weird" cult, and that his view, and the view of the gov't, was that "weird" cults ought bot be allowed to exist.  To heck with the 1st Amendment, right?  

I had to admit I was shocked.  I asked him if he were joking.  He said no, and other religious groups had better be ready, the feds weren't going to put up with them much longer, either.  He said that wes the trend these days, that the federal gov't was beginning to exercise their power, and handle up on some things.  Well, we can certainly see that, can;t we?  Just look at the past 8 years when Barack Obama was in office.  Sheesh.  Yeah, very top-heave federal gov't/  Let's force christians, and nuns at that, to pay for abortions.  Absolutely crazy.  Yeah, let's force christians to provide a service for those who are going to have a gay "wedding."  Regardless if you agree or not, the Constitution states a person may say NO, if it violates their conscience.  Nope.  Not any wore.  A judge can take your business, bank account, home - he's God, you have no recourse.  Insanity.

Yes, the gov't is out of control.  There isn;t much regard for the Constitution any more!  Thank God for our new Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch!  He sided with those nuns!  He has a brain on.

Back to the bombing.  Killing more people, including innocent children, is no way to protest our gov't, Mr.  McVeigh and Mr. Nichols. Very, very sad. Smh. Let us work for change withing the law.  Lord, have mercy.